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24 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Winter

01/03/2019 12:00:00

Got cabin fever? You're not alone. Being stuck indoors all winter will make anyone antsy. Instead of going stir crazy, try these fun things to do with kids in winter.

  1. Make homemade hot cocoa with marshmallows.
  2. Go sledding together. Don't forget to bundle up and bring the bike helmets for added safety!
  3. Make paper snowflakes and hang them up in unexpected places around your home.
  4. Go bowling. If your kids are young, try the duckpins for little ones.
  5. Use your phone's camera to make a slow-motion video of the snow accumulating outside your window. Then send it to family members via email to show them how deep the snow really is!
  6. Make a graph showing each day's high and low temperatures for the week. Then make predictions about next week and see who's closest to each day's actual temperature.
  7. Make ice cream using snow.
  8. Go roller skating at an indoor rink that plays your favorite music.
  9. Have a snowball fight. If your kids are different ages/sizes, set a few 'ground rules' up front.
  10. Play board games together, and be sure to introduce the kids to some of yourfavorites!
  11. Make a pine cone bird feeder using peanut butter and birdseed. Then hang it outside a window where you'll get to see the birds enjoy the treat each day.
  12. Take a guess at how much snow is on the ground. Then grab a ruler and go measure it to see how much snow you've gotten this year.
  13. Make greeting cards for residents of a local nursing home. Then take a field trip to deliver them together.
  14. Make snow angels in your yard and watch the snow fall together.
  15. Buy a kid-sized shovel and shovel the driveway or sidewalk together. If the snow is really deep, be sure to carve out a 'lighter' area for your kids to work.
  16. Visit your local library and check out books on winter themes. Then come home and take turns reading to one another. Bonus: use your phone to record one another reading and then save the recordings for bedtime stories on a night when you're extra exhausted.
  17. Draw and color a mural showing a winter scene. Then hang it up in your living room where the kids will enjoy seeing it every day, or mail it to a family member who lives in an area of the country unaccustomed to snow.
  18. Build a snow fort together. Or, if it's too cold outside, build your own super fort indoors out of blankets, pillows, and large boxes.
  19. Take a knitting class at your local craft store and make hats for each other.
  20. Fill a spray bottle with colored water and write in the snow. This is a great way for young kids to practice their letters.
  21. Bundle up and take a walk during a snowstorm.
  22. Make a snowman sun catcher and hang it in a window that catches the bright morning sun.
  23. Collect old winter coats from family members and friends. Then donate them to a local charity.
  24. Use the back side of some leftover wrapping paper to draw and color life-sized pictures of one another.
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25 Days of Christmas Activities for Kids

12/03/2018 12:00:00

Planning fun Christmas activities for your family will help you get in the holiday spirit and focus on what’s important, rather than being overwhelmed by all the shopping and cooking the season entails. During the holidays, there are so many opportunities to bond with your loved ones. You can plan a fun day ice skating, or find a meaningful volunteer opportunity. The holidays are a great time to give back and instil a sense of gratitude in your little ones.


Make an advent calendar. Your kids will be so excited to wake up to a sweet message or chocolate each morning!

Make homemade Christmas ornaments. You can stick with something simple like a pinecone with ribbon or try something more advanced like mini felt Christmas trees. For a tutorial, check out the DIY Dreamer.

Decorate your Christmas tree. Help everyone get in the holiday spirit by making sure your tree is bright and festive.

Make a Christmas wreath. Use real pine tree boughs for an extra festive scent for your entryway! StayGlam shares a roundup of DIY wreath options for every style.

Make paper snowflakes. The more family members that get involved the more different types of snowflakes you will have to hang up in your windows!

Hang up your stockings. To get everyone involved, have each family member write a sweet note so that on Christmas morning everyone has more to be thankful for than fun toys.

Decorate a gingerbread house. Be sure to prepare with lots of fun candies!


Go carolling or crafting at a local nursing home. It will bring joy to both your family and everyone at the nursing home.

Make Christmas fudge. Your kids can fill cute Christmas tins and gift them to teachers and you can bring some to neighbors and nearby friends. We love Sweet 2 Eat‘s gingerbread fudge recipe!

Donate food to a homeless shelter. You could also volunteer at a food pantry to help your kids appreciate their blessings.

Host a Christmas cookie party. Invite all of your friends and family over to share sweet treats and recipes and give any extras to your local community center. For some Christmas treat inspiration, we love this roundup from the Shari’s Berries blog

Go Christmas shopping for a local children’s hospital. All kids should have a new toy to play with on Christmas and its a great way to get your kids involved.

Donate an old coat or sweater. Over the Winter season, many charities are in need of warm clothing and toys for the less fortunate.

Participate in a 5k run or walk. Pick one that donates the proceeds to your favorite charity!


Send Christmas cards. Have everyone help write out the addresses and apply the stamps.

Write letters to Santa. Include your wish list and why you deserve to be on the nice list! Spaceships and Laser Beams has a cute printable for your little ones.

Make homemade hot chocolate. Start from scratch by melting your favorite chocolate bar for an extra indulgent treat!

Have a holiday movie. Make fancy Christmas popcorn with melted white chocolate and red and green sprinkles or mix pretzels with red and green candies.

Take photos with Santa. Make this a yearly tradition, and create a photo album of Santa photos over the years. 

Have a family game night. You may even be able to pull out some toys from last year’s Christmas!

See the nutcracker ballet. If you are unable to attend a live performance, you can watch the movie.

Check out Christmas light displays. Maybe you’ll even get some inspiration for your own front yard!

Spend the evening wrapping gifts. It can be fun to get everyone involved!

Go ice skating. Be sure to check to see if they have specific family hours.

Print the calendar and hang it on your fridge or family board so everyone can see all the exciting activities you have to look forward to through the month of December.


Take lots of photos as you spend family time together. These will be cherished memories that you will enjoy looking back on. You can also create so many fun photo gifts which are perfect for any grandparents that are unable to come for a visit.


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19 Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Preschoolers & Elementary Kids

11/09/2018 12:00:00
  • Thanksgiving Crafts for Preschoolers

     Thanksgiving is one of the least commercial holidays. The day focuses on family and gratitude. Teach your preschoolers the meaning of this particular day when working on the following Thanksgiving crafts.


    “I Am Thankful For” Free Thanksgiving Printable

    These "oh so pretty" Thanksgiving card printables are very easy to make. Just print and cut out the beautiful free templates provided by Uncommon Designs. Have your children pass out a card to each of your Thanksgiving guests (with a pen or pencil).Each guest should then fill out the card with an answer. At dinner have each person talk about what they wrote on their cards. The answers will be fun and sometimes surprising!

    Although these printables are not technically a Thanksgiving craft for preschoolers, the kids can still help mom print, cut and distribute the cards. It is never too early to teach children that concept of gratitude.

    Free Thanksgiving Printable from Uncommon Designs


    Pilgrim Hat Crayon Cups

    These paper cup pilgrim hats are crayon containers and would make such cute decorations for the kid's table at your Thanksgiving dinner. They look festive and can be put together quickly! The pilgrim hats add a fun touch to the holiday and help keep the little ones occupied while the grownups cook the family meal. You might even want to make one hat per child and have them take the containers home as a favor.

    Pilgrim Hat Crayon Cups from Lil' Luna


    Lovely Leaf Lights

    Have your children make these festive tealight candle holders! Just glue some paper leaves onto a paper band around the neck of a candle holder. Light the candle and voila! Beautiful Thanksgiving crafts for preschoolers that magically transform into a dinner candle. Impressive table decor your kids will be proud to have made!

    Lovely Leaf Lights from Paper Source


    Turkey Toes Free Printable

    This printable craft is perfect for all that candy corn you have left over from Halloween. It seems to be one of the most disliked candies of all the Halloween options.You may love candy corn, or you may hate it, but it works well with this fun Thanksgiving craft perfect for preschoolers. Give your kids a laugh and bag up some turkey toes for some holiday fun.

    Turkey Toes Free Printable from Saving Dollars and Sense


    Origami Turkey

    Origami Turkey Tutorial
     Chrissy Pk

    You and your children can practice your origami skills with these fun and easy turkeys! All you need is some sturdy paper and an afternoon free for crafting. Use your paper turkeys to decorate your table on Thanksgiving.

    Origami Turkey from The Spruce


    Fall Candle Centerpiece Craft

    This fall candle centerpiece will add some elegance to your table, but it is a Thanksgiving simple enough for preschoolers to make. Wrap a burlap ribbon around a candle and glue on a silk or paper leafs. Finish it with some wrapped twine and you are done. Fast, simple and very pretty!

    Fall Candle Centerpiece Craft from That's What Che Said

  • Thanksgiving Coloring Page Download

    This darling Thanksgiving coloring page is free for download. Keep your kids busy while you are finishing cooking the holiday meal, and attending to last minute details. Why not have a coloring contest and award a prize to the best "artist" to add some fun to the day!

    Thanksgiving Coloring Page from More Than a Mom of Three

    • Candy Corn Turkey Artwork

      This candy corn turkey craft is a perfect Thanksgiving craft for preschoolers! Help little ones trace their hands onto a sheet of paper, then color and glue candy corn onto the drawing. Kids will have fun, and moms will have some beautiful refrigerator worthy artwork! This craft is a classic Thanksgiving favorite.

      Candy Corn Turkey Artwork from The Jenny Evolution


      Paper Turkey Hat

      This turkey paper craft tutorial is a little bit different from the other one featured in this roundup but is just as cute and fun to make. This hat highlights real feathers instead of paper ones. You really can't go wrong with either option!

      Paper Turkey Hat from Gather and Nest


      Thankful Wind Spinners

      Throw these wind spinners into your crafts rotation for some fall fun. This project is also another excellent way for kids to express their thanks, this year.

      Thankful Wind Spinners from Make and Takes


      Popsicle Stick Turkey Craft

      This cute turkey stands up all by itself! Your kids can craft this for a centerpiece at the kids' table (and the grown-ups table too).

      Popsicle Stick Turkey Craft from The Spruce


      Paper Bag Turkey Puppets

      Take your traditional paper bag puppets to the next level with plenty of colorful feathers. Ask your kids to brainstorm what they're most thankful for this year, and they can write it on the front of their puppet. Now all that's left to do is play with them!

      Paper Bag Turkey Puppets from Crafty Morning


      Thanksgiving Cootie Catcher

      origami cootie catcher for thanksgiving
       Bren Did

      We love cootie catchers–they make us nostalgic for our childhood school days. Now your kids can enjoy the same memories, with this Thanksgiving version that is very festive and fun.

      Thanksgiving Cootie Catcher from Bren Did


      Easy Thankful Turkeys

      This simple paper craft doubles as an excellent gratitude exercise for your children. Join them as they jot down what they're most thankful for onto each feather of their turkey.

      Easy Thankful Turkeys from Make and Takes


      Egg Carton Turkey Craft for Thanksgiving

      Egg Carton Turkey Craft for Thanksgiving
       Red Ted Art

      Recycle your empty egg cartons into a fun craft. These adorable turkeys are the perfect containers for small treats, like candy corn or M&Ms.

      Egg Carton Turkey Craft for Thanksgiving from Red Ted Art


      "Handy" Thanksgiving Wreath

      'Handy' Thanksgiving Wreath

      Your child can adorn their own bedroom door with a festive wreath this year when they make this "handy" craft. Let this be a learning activity too, as you help your child learn the months of the year.

      'Handy' Thanksgiving Wreath from


      Turkey Thank You Card

      Turkey Thank You Card
       DecoArt Blog

      A fun and seasonally appropriate activity: your children can practice their penmanship and write notes to their friends and family. The children can let them know for what they're most thankful.

      Turkey Thank You Card from DecoArt Blog


      DIY Thankful Jar for Kids

      We love this Thankful Jar idea because it's a great way to remind kids what they're grateful for on the gloomiest of days. Have them pull out one popsicle stick every time they need an encouraging word.

      DIY Thankful Jar for Kids from Premeditated Leftovers


      Thankful Pumpkins

      These pumpkins are a great no-carve decorating idea. Paint them ahead of time and for Thanksgiving dinner, place them on the table, so everyone can take turns writing what they're most thankful for.

      Thankful Pumpkins from Kelly Elko


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