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Life is Full of Choices

02/27/2013 12:00:00

Teach children to make wise choices.

By Marlyn Appelbaum

Life is full of choices.  Children need to be taught how to recognize their options and how to make wise choices.  There are several ways you can teach this.  First and foremost, teach them through role modeling.  Weigh options aloud as you make choices for yourself. 

Another way is to give them several options so that they can make choices.  Example:  "Would you like this book or that one?"

It's important to not jump in and solve all problems for children before they get a chance to do it.  It may take them a little while to decide what to do, but when they have made the decision, they will learn the joy of making a choice themselves.

Have a great day.  You are a difference maker. 


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