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Avoid Power Struggles

05/16/2013 12:00:00

There are some children who are argumentative and thrive on power struggles.  Here are some strategies for success with these childrem:

1) Don't argue, get defensive, yell, or use sarcasm. 

2) Do calmly say, "Regardless" or "Nevertheless" and tell the child what it is you want or need.  Use "I talk."  "Regardless, I would appreciate it if you would..." or "Nevertheless, I need you to..."

3) Stay calm.  Have your voice and mannerisms exude confidence and a calm manner.

4)  Offer two positive choices.  "You can do ________________, or you can do ___________________."  Which do you prefer to do now?"

In each scenario, you are the one who is in charge.  Children need you to be in charge, to be consistent, and to provide structure. You are their parent.  You are a difference maker.

Teacher Appreciation Week

05/03/2013 12:00:00

Hello parents! Next week is a very special week for the education industry that we try very hard to recognize every year here at Child Prodigy. May 6 - 10 is Teacher Appreciate Week!

This is a great opportunity for parents to express their gratitude toward the caregivers who are helping them to shape and mold the minds of their children. Keep in mind, there is no set standard for this; in the past we have seen parents bake treats, send lunch (such as pizza delivery, sandwiches, etc.), gift certificates for all different sorts of goods/services, plants, items for teachers to use in the classroom (such as books, toys, games, etc), or a simple personal note/letter expressing many thanks for all they do for the children. Those are just a few examples of the things that parents have done during this week in years past; please remember that your participatin in this week of recognition is, as always, so graciously appreciated by all the staff.

As always, we thank you for your endless support,
Gretchen Meads and Melissa Bruns
Child Prodigy Directors

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