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Allow children to soar to success.

10/17/2013 12:00:00

Allow children to soar to success.

Consider this story: 
A young child found a cocoon and took it home.  After several days, he saw the butterfly inside the cocoon struggling to come out.  It struggled and struggled and struggled.  The youth couldn't stand watching this struggle any longer so he got a pair of scissors and cut a little hole in the cocoon to help.  The butterfly did emerge, but it came out with deformed wings and a swollen stomach and couldn't fly. It had not yet fully grown into it self. The butterfly had needed to be let to struggle because part of that struggle would have helped the butterfly's fluid in the stomach to go into beautiful wings.

The moral of the story?
Sometimes children need to be let to struggle so they can grow their own wings and learn to fly themselves. Never do for a child what a child can do alone.  Allow the child to soar to success.

Have a great day.  You are a difference maker!

Story from: Marlyn Appelbaum

Stay in Control

10/03/2013 12:00:00

Stay in control of your own emotions.

When you are upset, students can see it or sense it and will often react.  You are a role model at all times.  This includes when you are calm and also when you are upset.  If they see you "lose it," they learn to lose it.  If they see you upset but staying in control and handling a situation in a calm manner, they will "catch" that also from you.  You are a difference maker!

-From Maryln Appelbaum

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