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Be a Gentle, but Firm Leader

06/11/2014 12:00:00

Be a gentle, but firm leader

There was a huge pasture that had two horses.  From far away, both horses looked identical.  As you got closer and closer, you could see that one horse was bigger and the other horse was smaller.  The smaller horse was totally blind.  The larger horse had a tiny little bell on his neck.  He would walk through the pastures and his bell would gently ring.  The littler horse followed the big horse everywhere listening to the sound of the bell.  In the evening when it was time to go to the barn, the bigger horse would walk a bit with his bell gently ringing, then pause and wait for the blind horse to catch up, then together they would start again toward the warm barn.  Eventually, they got there together.

That is what teachers do everyday.  You guide children not to a barn but to new horizons, new futures.  You gently, but firmly wear the bell of your smile, your warmth, your engaging teaching style, to have the children be the best that they can be.  You are a difference maker, part of a world team of difference makers. Have a great day!

Message from: Marlyn Appelbaum


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