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11 Creative Easter Egg Activities

04/13/2017 12:00:00

From time capsule Easter eggs to glow-in-the-dark egg hunts, we have fun. Doable ways to entertain kids on Easter day. 

The Secret Easter Bunny
Why should Christmas have the monopoly on secret gift-giving? Kids can make a small present for a friend or family member, hide it inside the shell and secretly swap eggs.

Time Machine
What will she remember from this year’s Easter? Have your kid write a letter to herself that she can place inside the egg and open up next year.

Ray of Light
Glow sticks add a twist to your typical Easter egg hunt. Get your kids in on the action by having them fold their favorite colored sticks inside plastic eggs with some candy. Now all you have to do is hide them and wait until it gets dark!

What’s Inside Egg Number 3?
Good things come in mysterious packages. Kids hide a surprise inside an egg and write three clues so that others can crack the mystery.

Scrambled Up
The usual lunch staples become much more egg-citing (sorry!) when packaged in egg containers for an Easter egg lunch hunt.

Pin the Cottontail on the Bunny
Pin the tail isn’t just for donkeys or birthday parties. Keep your kids entertained on Easter by playing this classic game with a fluffy twist.

Balancing Act
Get kids moving on Easter day by racing back and forth with an egg in a spoon. First one to the finish line wins!

End Easter day with a bang by having them swing at a rabbit piñata filled with chocolate and candy.

The Kool-est Eggs Around
Got a few packets of Kool-Aid in your pantry? Mix with water and you’re all set for some egg-dyeing fun.

Do the Math
In addition to stuffing plastic eggs with candy, slip in pieces of paper with numbers on them. Once kids find the eggs, have them add up their numbers—the highest total gets a prize.

This One’s a Puzzler
Looking for a non-candy Easter egg stuffer? Cut up a picture and hide the pieces inside plastic eggs. Once kids find all the eggs they can put the picture together.

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