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Brightwheel Communication Program 

What is Brightwheel?

Brightwheel will be used by our teachers to record activities and updates throughout the day and it will provide you with a complete history of your child's experience in our program. This program will also electronically track your child’s daily attendance.

This program also enables us to upload pictures of the children that are stored safely and securely in a journal format. Through this program you’ll receive real-time updates on your child’s activities to your email and smartphone through the Brightwheel app or you can log in to the site via browser. It is also a great way to reinforce your child’s in-program learning at home, as you’ll have insight into what they've been working on here at the center!

Easy steps to follow:

  1. Create a free brightwheel account. When you receive an invitation via email or text, please create a free parent account using either the web or mobile app.Make sure to use the same email address or cell phone number that the invitation was sent to. Here is a quick video overview.

  2. Confirm your child’s profile. You will see your child’s profile after you create an account - you can confirm information such as birthday, allergies, and additional contacts. If you do not see your child’s profile, please contact us with the email address or phone number you used to sign up. You will not see updates within brightwheel until we start to use it regularly. 

  3. Set your account preferences. You can adjust your notification preferences within your profile settings on the app.

  4. Add your payment information. Brightwheel offers secure, automated online payments that saves time for us and gives you advanced tools and reporting. Please add your payment information. Here is an online Payments Setup Guide with more info.

Attendance Check In/Out:

Our schools love the attendance feature known as "Check In". This secure, digital sign-in feature tracks when children are dropped off and picked up along with who signed them in and out. It is so much easier than a sign-in sheet or clipboard, this feature is useful for managing billing hours and tracking attendance for licensing requirements. "Check In" also allows Admins to keep & download attendance reports and helps to indicate classroom ratios.

Click on this link to see more information about our Quick Scan Check-In 




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