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Summer 2017 Field Trip Schedules!


Summer 2017 Field Trip Schedules are out!

If you have any questions on these schedules, please ask ASAP! We are looking forward to a fun-filled and action packed summer!

Lil Angel's Pictures!


Lil Angel's Photography will be at Child Prodigy NORTH next week, Monday and Tuesday, April 3 and 4! 

This program is Kiddie Kouture in which they provide boutique trendy clothing!

Monday, April 3: Infants, Two's, and Pre-Kindergarten 1

Tuesday, April 4: Toddlers, Preschool, and Pre-Kindergarten 2

**Siblings will take photots together on the day the younger child is scheduled for photos.



2017 Registration Fees Due


**Monday, December 5, 2016** Child Prodigy’s annual registration fee will be due. If you have: •One child enrolled in Child Prodigy, the fee is $50 OR •Two or more children enrolled, the fee is $100 per family. **Please write a check separate from your weekly tuition payment for the Registration Fee as this will be deposited separately!!

*If you paid the FULL registration fee after August 1, 2016, only a pro-rated amount is due.
Enrolled Aug. 1-31: Pay $20.00/child    Enrolled Oct. 1-31: Pay $10.00/child
Enrolled Sept 1-30: Pay $15.00/child    Enrolled Nov. 1-30: Pay $5.00/child

Lil' Angels Photography



Parents, please remember Lil' Angels Photography will be at Child Prodigy North Monday, Oct. 17th and Tuesday, Oct. 18th. On 10/17 Infants, Two's, and Pre-K1 will be photographed. On 10/18 Toddlers, Preschool, and Pre-K2 will be photographed. Please send your child in the clothes you want them photographed in!

CP South Lil Angles Pictures


Lil Angels will be coming to Child Prodigy South on Thursday, September 15th and Friday, September 16th.

Please notice that it will be necessary to dress your child how you would like to see them in the photos. They will NOT provide the outfits with this program.

The following classrooms will take pictures on Thursday, September 15th: Infants, 2's & 3's, and Pre-K 1

The following classrooms will take pictures on Friday, September 16th: Toddlers, Preschool, and Pre-K 2

**If you have 2 or more children and their pictures are on different days, your children will take pictures on the day of your youngest child's picture day! Also, if you are part-time, you will take pictures on the day you attend regardless of the classrooms picture day!**

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the front desk or ask your child's teacher!


Lil Angels Contact Info

Carrie Phillips (Owner)

Phone: (816) 876-8591


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