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Arrival and Departure

  • Child Prodigy hours of operations are from 6:00am to 6:00pm, Monday – Friday.
  • If you arrive to pick-up your child after 6pm, there is a late fee of $5 for the first minute and $1 per minute per child after that. Payment is due immediately upon pick-up.
  • Please notify the center before 9:00am if your child will not be in attendance that day.
  • If your child’s schedule will be different from the “normal” pick-up/drop-off routine, please call your child’s teacher and inform them of this. This includes sick days, leaving early, vacation, etc.
  • Please notify your child’s teacher if anyone outside the ordinary will be picking up your child. If this person has not been authorized to pick-up, your child will not be released to that person. In addition, until your child’s teacher is familiar with that person, he/she must present formal identification in the form of a state issued ID upon pick-up.
  • We must have WRITTEN authorization for each person that will be taking your child from the facility. A phone call is not an acceptable form of authorization. E-mail authorization will be accepted.


Staff Training

As a state licensed center, Child Prodigy mandates that all of their staff members meet the following requirements:

  • Clean background screening by the Family Care and Safety Registry
  • Pass a Physical & Mental Wellness examination
  • Negative TB Skin test
  • CPR and First Aid Certified
  • Complete CCDF Health and Safety Training Course
  • Safe Sleep Certified
  • Complete Early Childhood Social and Emotional Health training
  • Complete minimum of 12 hours of continuing education training classes per year
  • Registered with the Missouri Professional Development Child Care organization
  • As child care workers, every staff member is a Mandated Reporter and required by the state of Missouri to report any suspected abuse or neglect of a child. Reasonable suspicion includes, but is not limited to: First hand observations of harmful treatment of a child, the child’s physical and/or emotional condition, a child’s report of abuse, parental statements, or prior reports of parental child abuse.


Miscellaneous Information

  • Child Prodigy believes it is very important that children are not “left in care” for more than ten hours per day.
  • Please leave all personal toys at home. (Soft toys for naptime are acceptable.)
  • Please dress your child in comfortable, practical clothing for active play. (Think tennis shoes, not flip-flops.)
  • All children will participate in outdoor play activities for a minimum of 15 minutes each morning and each afternoon all days the weather is between 32°-100°. Please make sure your child is dressed accordingly.
  • Breakfast, hot lunch, and afternoon snack are provided. Menus will be posted in classrooms and online monthly.
  • Two weeks written notice is required for anyone withdrawing from our center. Tuition will be charged accordingly.
  • Each classroom has an individual supply list that can be found in their Welcome Packet.
  • Sunscreen permission slips must be submitted in order for Child Prodigy to apply sunscreen to your child.
  • Each child will have an individual cubby in their classroom. Please keep a spare change of clothes in there at all times. (Remember to update as seasons change and your child grows!)
  • Child Prodigy is a Smoke-Free Facility. Smoking is not permitted on our campus, including outside our doors.
  • Weapons of any kind are not permitted on Child Prodigy premises.
  • Child Prodigy Inc. is a PEANUT FREE center! Please do not bring any items containing peanuts into either building (This includes peanuts, peanut butter, and any products containing particals of peanuts!). We thank you so much for helping us keep our children safe!


Accidents & Incidents

Even with the greatest precautions and closest supervision, sometimes accidents do happen at school. The children are learning about and exploring the world and are at times still a bit clumsy. We will do our best to keep the children out of harm’s way, but since we cannot bubble wrap them, be prepared for your child to occasionally sustain bumps and bruises during the course of their normal play. 

  • If your child has an accident that results in a mark left on their skin, you will receive an Accident Report at the end of the day to sign. This report will detail when and how the accident happened and what was done to care for your child after the fact.
  • If your child sustains any type of injury to the head, you will receive a phone call from your child’s teacher to let you know about the accident, in addition to the report at the end of the day.
  • For emergencies: We will use our best judgement to take appropriate measures for any type of emergency that may occur during the course of your child’s day at Child Prodigy and notify you ASAP. 


Holidays & Closings

Child Prodigy is closed on the following holidays. Should a major holiday fall on a Saturday, we will be closed the Friday before. Should a holiday fall on a Sunday, we will be closed the following Monday. The full amount of tuition is still due for these weeks unless earned vacation days are used. This enables Child Prodigy Staff to have paid holidays. 

  1. New Year’s Day               
  2. Memorial Day
  3. Independence Day
  4. Maintenance Day: Will be taken in August each year on the Friday before the Lee’s Summit School District resumes school. This is a day for teachers to work in their classrooms and reset them for the upcoming year.
  5. Labor Day
  6. Thanksgiving and the Friday after
  7. Christmas Day and the day after

Severe Weather:

In the event that we have severe weather and need to delay opening, close early, or close completely for a day, we will send out an e-mail and update our website and Facebook. We only close under extreme circumstances (generally 5+ inches of accumulation) and do not follow the Lee’s Summit School District’s closings. We will provide care for all School Age children on snow days from school as long as we are open.


Infant Program

6 weeks to 12 months

  • Each infant is observed and respected as a unique individual with his/her own personal needs and wants. Parents will fill out an Infant and Toddler Feeding and Care Plan to provide us with necessary details and information to care for your babies the best way possible.
  • Our teacher will teach American Sign Language (ASL) to the babies to help them communicate before they are able to form words.
  • We follow the ABCs of Safe Sleep (Alone, Back, Crib) and all teachers are Safe Sleep Certified. Our full Safe Sleep Policy is detailed in our Enrollment Packet.


Toddler Program

12 to 24 months

As Infants transition to Toddlers they should:

  • Be off bottles and drink from a sippy cup.
  • Be primarily on table foods and children should become familiar with spoon-feeding themselves.
  • Wear soft, rubber-soled shoes daily for easy walking.
  • Begin sleeping on a cot at 12 months of age. Believe it or not, your child will not have a problem with this. Our toddler cots are very cozy and just the perfect size for your little person.

Toddler Development Goals include, but are not limited to:

  1. Expanding their vocabulary to up to 100 words, including using 2 word sentences
  2. Follow simple 1 step instructions
  3. Begin to develop large muscle control such as jumping, running, hopping, and dancing
  4. Begin to develop fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination
  5. Building with blocks
  6. Master knob puzzles
  7. Animal, Color, and Shape recognition


Two's & Three's Program

This program provides the children with a language rich environment while caregivers interact in an enthusiastic and patient manner. Caregivers will use diapering, toileting, mealtimes, and naptimes to encourage self-help skills. We will provide a consistent schedule that allows flexibility for each child’s individual differences and upon parent approval, we will actively begin potty training your child. Potty training is a prerequisite for entering the Preschool Program.

We recognize that two and three year olds will engage in solitary play, parallel play, and interactive play, but cannot yet engage very well in cooperative play. Our classrooms are set up to accommodate this. The Two’s and Three’s will learn through various interest centers including: Blocks, Imaginative play (dramatic play/housekeeping), Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Manipulatives, and Quiet Area (Books/Library).

Main objectives we actively work on with the 2 year olds include: Counting in English and Spanish 1-10; singing ABC’s; communicating wants and needs with words, rather than whining or pointing; communication in sentences (at least 3 words); recognizing and naming shapes and colors; taking turns and sharing with friends; learning body parts (locations and names); and recognizing and naming emotions and appropriate reactions to their feelings.  

By the time children leave the 2’s and 3’s classroom, to go to Preschool, they should be fully potty trained, dressing / undressing themselves, sitting still for a short period of time throughout the day during activities, following simple instructions, using manners (saying “Please” and “Thank you”), expanding expressive / receptive language skills, and  coloring vigorously with crayons or markers.


Preschool Program

The ratio in Preschool is 1:10. All children are expected to by fully potty trained before entering the Preschool Classroom.

Teachers provide the children with a language rich environment and interact with the children in an enthusiastic and patient manner. Children will build on the previously introduced objectives of: Counting 1-20; recognizing numbers, colors, and shapes; and reciting and recognizing ABCs. In addition, Preschool will work on visual recognition of children’s names, holding a pencil, the beginning stages of writing, patterns, matching, and do lots of small motor skill building activities. 

Preschool observes at least seven learning centers each consisting of various activities. Age-appropriate equipment is provided to allow development of fine and gross motor skills, language skills, self-esteem, and self-help skills. Learning centers will include: Language and Literacy, Fine Motor, Exploration (Math and Science Center), Creative Play (Dramatic Play), Art, Sensory, and Gross Motor.

This classroom will also focus on self-help skills including, but not limited to: going to the bathroom alone, getting jackets on for recess, blowing their nose, cleaning up centers (toys), feeding themselves, etc. Teachers will always be supportive and encouraging as children are learning to complete new tasks and provide help as needed.


Pre-Kindergarten Program

This program is designed specifically to get the children ready to enter kindergarten. Each child will be introduced to the following skills which are included in daily learning:

  • Math: Counting, number recognition, patterns, placing items in order, shapes, and using actions and words to indicate position and location.
  • Language and Literacy: Identifying and writing the letters of the alphabet; learning their full name, address, and phone number; writing their first and last name; Answering questions about previous events; using pronouns, plurals, and past tense; and understanding beginning, middle, and end of stories.
  • Gross Motor: How to kick a ball, throw overhand, jump forward with feet together, jump on both feet individually, skip, and walk on a balance beam.
  • Fine Motor: How to hold a pencil correctly, string half inch beads, use scissors correctly, and cut simple shapes within ¼ inch of the line.
  • Social Skills: How to change their own clothes, take turns, share, use self-control, practice good manners, and follow directions.

The children will acquire these life skills through learning centers, circle time, individual one-on-one time with the teachers, interactive play with other children, and active play/recess. In addition to the above skills, your child will also practice alphabetic principles, phonics, rhyming words, visual perception, patterns and sequencing, sight word recognition, number sense, math stories and writing skills.


School-Age Program


Child Prodigy offers a Before and/or After School Program that includes transportation to several of the Lee’s Summit R-7 Elementary Schools. These schools are determined each year based on the need by students and differ from center to center. This program includes care on ½ days, no school days, snow days, and winter break at no additional charge. Children will be provided with breakfast (before 8:00am) and after school snack, helped with homework, and allowed to play with friends before and after school.


No School Day care is provided at no extra cost to those children already enrolled in our Before & After School Program. In addition, we offer drop-in care on these days for children that may just need sporadic care.

On most No School Days, we will schedule an optional field trip for the children.

  • These field trips range from $0-$10 and are not included in weekly tuition.
  • Safety is our number one concern, and we will not take a child off site who has not demonstrated an appropriate level of self-control on and off site, as well as on the center’s vans, as this poses a safety risk to all of the other children.

On SNOW DAYS called by the Lee’s Summit School District, we will usually remain open. On these Snow Days, there will be NO field trips. If it is not safe enough for the district to transport children, it is not safe for us either.


We offer a fun-filled and educational summer program. Our program allows children to learn and develop at their own pace by participating in a variety of individual and group exploratory activities in a safe and healthy environment.

Summer Camp includes daily fieldtrips to amuse all ages; new field trip venues will be included each year to keep the children interested, as well as returning favorites. Monthly field trip schedules will be made and posted in the classrooms and online explaining destination, times, and any special needs for each trip. In addition to daily field trips, children may also elect to sign up for: swim lessons, daily afternoon swimming, gymnastics classes, dance classes, skating lessons, etc.




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