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"I can't say enough great things about Child Prodigy! Lily has been there since she was 3 months old and every teacher she has had has been wonderful. Lily is a very well-adjusted, confident, bright little girl and we consistently get compliments on her progress at only 2 1/2 years old! She knows her ABC's, can count to 20, knows her colors and her shapes and is learning to draw them as well. She will be very well-prepared for Kindergarten. I can't thank you enough!"
- Michelle B.

"I love it when my (toddler) son comes home and points and tells me the different colors."
- Angie L.

"Child Prodigy is simply the best. It's clean, brightly lit, educational, caring, fun, genuine teachers and care providers. When I found Child Prodigy it was because I had just moved from Gladstone to Lee's Summit from a finalized divorce. I had been a stay at home mother for the 1st four years of my daughters life and was being thrown into full time work again. We had searched high and low for a preschool/daycare provider and honestly was scared from our findings. Then I found Child Prodigy. Child Prodigy not only took care of my daughter, they took care of me. They put my concerns to rest and letting me know that she was in good hands. I would recommend Child Prodigy to anyone - hands down!!!"
- Christy C.

"My (toddler) son is only at Child Prodigy for a few hours a day, but he is learning so much! I enjoy when he gets a color, or shape correct he smiles and says "I smat!" It makes me smile to know that he is not only learning, but is happy. It just doesn't get any better than that! :-)"
- Leesa H.

"Our family loves Child Prodigy! Its such a great feeling to be able to go to work and know that your children are being taught and cared for by professionals who have been in the industry for years. Child Prodigy does an amazing job with each child, we've never felt like it was a "day care", where kids are just supervised. Our children learn something new each day and are excited to go to Child Prodigy. Child Prodigy is amazing!"
- Trini A.

"I love Child Prodigy! We recently moved out of state and leaving this school was by far the hardest part. All of the teacher are outstanding and truly care about the children. Each classroom has an appropriate curriculum to challenge the children to learn and grow each day. The teachers are highly qualified and there is little turnover. The communication from the teachers about what my son did during the day was outstanding. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone looking for child care."
- Jessica T.


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